Our Story, Our Family.

Grandview Vineyard is a family owned vineyard located amid the rolling hills of northwest Lancaster County. The Kennel family has been growing premium vinifera grapes – Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay and more, since 2009.

It all started a few years ago when our dad, Larry Kennel, began to make wine on a small scale, as a hobby. He spent many hours harvesting roadside wineberries and elderberries to make his specialty, completely dry fruit wines. He began to get positive feedback from friends and family who had the opportunity to taste his wines. Larry received his first textbook in enology as a Christmas present and as he became more educated, his love for winemaking continued to grow. He devoted much of his free time to reading textbooks and other resources about winemaking. Larry sought out wine lovers and winemakers alike, learning by asking as many questions of them as he could. He has attended many conferences and seminars to further his knowledge base. After extensive research, he asked his family if they would join him in the wine industry. And, the rest, as they say, is history!

Larry & Marilyn Kennel (Dad & Mom)

Larry has long been interested in agriculture, first working on a dairy farm in his younger years, then as a veterinarian in general large animal medicine and later owning his own successful business, Cornerstone Genetics, specializing in embryo transfer in cattle. The dream for The Vineyard at Grandview started as his hobby. He spent many hours picking wild berries from roadsides and making fruit wine. When he realized that their homestead in Mount Joy was good land for growing grapes, he asked for some help with the planting and care of the vines. With the support of Marilyn, daughters Fran and Sarah, and their husbands, his dream was realized as Grandview Vineyard.

Marilyn has worked for years beside Larry in the embryo transfer business and has been the glue that holds it all together. Her gifts in record keeping are coming in handy once again as this new business is getting off the ground. You will often also find her in the tasting room visiting with our guests. She is also an accomplished writer. Friends and family anxiously await her yearly Christmas card, written in the form of a poem. She writes most of our blog and if you look at our labels, you will find her handiwork there as well!

Steve & Fran Kratz (Son-in-law and Daughter)

Steve’s background is in Automotive technology, a job that he enjoyed but retired from so that he could operate a local car wash and work here at the Vineyard. But titles don’t mean much around here – Steve is skilled on the tractor, often works in the vineyard and winery and has helped out with construction too! One of his favorite places, though, is the tasting room where he enjoys talking with our guests about wine and anything else.

Fran’s background is in medicine and she still works full time as a physician in a local emergency department. On her days off, you will often find her either at home with their 3 kids or here in the vineyard or the tasting room. She has also worked behind the scenes writing applications and working with our logo designer and with Sarah to design our marketing materials and in establishing our brand and logo.

Scott and Sarah Haines (Son-in-law and Daughter)

Scott’s background is in plumbing , and boy are we glad. He used his skills as a plumber as we constructed the winery and tasting room. Jack of all trades, he can also be found working in the vineyard, tasting room, helping the winemaker in the cellar.

Sarah is an excellent photographer – most of the pictures on this site and some in the tasting room are hers and you will often see her taking pictures at our special events! In addition to her love of photography, she is passionate about health and fitness coaching and also works as a physical therapist. Her full time job though, is wife and mother of 4! She has been instrumental in the design of our marketing materials, establishing our brand, and promoting the winery through special events.